Work With Me

There are two ways that we can partner together to help you achieve your individual or company goals. Please select the path below that best fits your current needs.


As a multi-passionate, mission driven entrepreneur you:

Are highly driven by your life’s purpose.

Desire to increase your productivity and income.

Want to build a successful business.

Need to increase your effectiveness in your business.

Feel you must create an impact and make a contribution to the world.

Know you must create more meaningful personal and business relationships.

Need to understand your strengths and abilities to accelerate your business path to successes and maximize opportunities.

Understand the need for personal growth and accountability while taking action to make your goals your reality.

If this sounds like you, visit my

Impact Zone Learning Center
to see my programs or apply for a Clarity Call to see if we would make a great partnership to achieve your goals.


Reduce your turnover rate by improving your hiring process to hire more top performers by using one of the world’s most accurate pre-employment assessments.

Reassigning employees to positions that allow them to maximize their potential to gain more satisfied and productive employees.

Maximize the effectiveness of your processes, systems, and employees.

Realize you need to have the right people in the right positions to increase your profit margins.

Discover your A and B performers to leverage profit margins.

Screen Out Current and Future Poor Performers.

Increase your sales.

If your company needs this type of assistance CLICK HERE to apply for a Clarity Call to discuss how I am able to help you with a solution.

“Executive Coaching is a company-sponsored perk for top high potential employees. It is a customized and holistic development process that provides deep behavioral insights intended to accelerate an executive’s business results and effectiveness as a leader. This coaching is based on a collaborative relationship among the executive, his/her boss, his/her human resources manager, and an executive coach.” ~ Karol W.


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