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You are at the time in your business when you know you could do so much better. You are ready for a new level and need to do something about it.

You’ve been ready for your business to have more success, as a matter of fact, it’s past time! You’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to grow your business for what feels like forever. Settling and quitting are NOT options for you. The only option is to move forward but for some reason, you just aren’t. You have some success but keep running into this invisible wall that is preventing you from moving forward and getting what you really want. You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and you still don’t have your dream business.  Staying where you are is keeping you from making an impact, making you frustrated, and starting to build resentment.

The only thing stopping you from moving forward is you. Whether you are a new entrepreneur who wants to get a head start with less regrets and wasted time by working on yourself in the beginning. A multi-passionate entrepreneur with so many ideas that your focus and energy are scattered and your businesses can’t gain any ground for one business to take off.   Maybe you have been an entrepreneur for awhile and your business isn’t creating the success you need to fulfill your dreams and goals. You often find that you are sabotaging your life and business and the last time was the last straw.

I’m here to help you make your goals a reality. If you have ever dreamt of having great relationships and a successful business that provides the opportunity for you to create your impact, you are in the right place. I help you build both and stay true to yourself while making your dreams come true.

I understand what it feels like to want more. I kept hitting an invisible wall and desperately needed someone to tell me how to remove it before I burst into flames from being so frustrated. I didn’t care what I needed to do. I was going to remove the imaginary hindrance that was preventing me from having the success I knew I was meant to have. I could feel the power to succeed inside of me but I just could not attain it! I had gifts I could not use on demand, so they were not dependable. I was tripping myself up and did not even know I was the invisible wall that I kept running into. I was still helping other people get what they wanted and needed but I was not maximizing my potential. I knew I could not do this work for myself alone anymore. I needed help and went to discover who I really was and the power I possessed. Now I stay on the offense side of situations, I consciously make choices that are beneficial to how I want to feel and the way I want to live. I’m more on purpose and intentional that I have ever been my entire life! I can help you get there too!

You do not have to stay stuck and feeling like this anymore because I can help you. I’m Kourtney Coleman, a Business Strategist, and a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner.

I empower women who are struggling to ‘get it all done’, who have lost connection with themselves and their personal power; get it all back to create the successful business and life they desire.

I’ve spent years mentoring women to be who they were created to be and maximizing their potential while I had ventured through multiple opportunities building ministries, businesses and still held a job. I started my business because I know that my contribution to the world is helping women stay true to who they are while making their impact. I know I can help you go from hitting an invisible wall to understanding your power and maximizing your opportunities because of my education, experience, and my personal power. I love helping goal-oriented women who can make decisions are action takers, and who are on a mission to fulfill their purpose, it gives me life! When a woman understands who she truly is and her power there is no stopping her from getting what she wants.

You can work with me in a few ways
In person and online, I provide private coaching services for the woman who likes her privacy, committed to doing the work of personal growth and needs personal attention.
I have online group programs where you will get the courses, some with Q&A sessions accompanied with email support.
The other way to work with me is in person through your company or workshops I provide in a group setting.
You will also be able to find products inside my Impact Zone Learning Center for self-paced products with email support.
I do not provide One-touch coaching services because I do not feel that you get to maximize the opportunity of coaching that way.

When you work with me you will walk away with:

  • Discovering your Personal Power to start approaching life and your business from a different perspective by truly understanding who you are and the power you possess.
  • Getting into action implementing strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Become a better decision maker, making more conscious decisions.
  • Understanding how to help you stand out in your business with you being the star.
  • Start getting clear on how you were created to function in the world to make an impact.

As a Business Strategist, my philosophy is that being proactive and making conscious decisions in your life enables you to accomplish more and live a more fulfilling life. You can improve your life and achieve your goals by understand­ing your personal power. You were created to do something special and you will not be fulfilled until you find it and start doing it. So why not get started, I’m here to show you how.

To apply to discuss how you can start maximizing opportunities, increasing your performance and making an impact apply for a Clarity Call by clicking here.



I have found a new love and it’s Yoga on Saturday mornings

I eat a pretty clean diet and lost 35lbs in 2016 (20lbs in 20 days healthy)

I used to be a professional photographer.

I have 2 Basenji’s Maximus and Athena.

I’m almost an empty-nester!

I’m a Red Velvet, Tiramisu, and Cheesecake connoisseur


Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes which transform themselves and the people around them thereby increasing business results and performance.” ~ Jeremy R.

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  1. I wanted to leave a comment and say that you and your family have been a tremendous blessing in my life. I love you and Thank God that He has allowed our paths to cross!!!

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